Our Mission is to provide chances, choices, and hope for the children we serve.

What is the Ranch of Opportunity?

Located in Fayette County on a tranquil 22-acre ranch setting, The Ranch of Opportunity offers a peaceful, spacious, and healthy environment for children to live, learn, and grow during a 6-8 month residential treatment program. The Mission is to create new chances, new choices, and new hope for traumatized children and their families by breaking the vicious cycle of child abuse and by addressing the self-destructive behaviors brought on by experiencing severe trauma in childhood.

The Ranch of Opportunity will serve up to 30 girls from 13 until 18 years of age. A 6-bed secure Evaluation and Stabilization Unit (ESU) will provides a safe transition for girls who initially may have the need for more intense supervision. The open unit has the capacity to serve 24 girls who are able to benefit from a more open environment.

Many children present with co-occurring mental health, behavioral, and substance abuse disorders that cannot be isolated and treated separately. For this reason, the program takes a holistic approach to treatment and wraps a continuum of specialized services around each girl.

Who are the girls at The Ranch of Opportunity?

“Normal” teenage experiences can be both difficult and challenging for any young person. For some girls, this trying time is further complicated by mental health issues and extreme traumatic events such as separation from parents, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or teen pregnancy. Since they are not equipped with healthy ways to cope with the stressors in their lives, these girls often engage in high-risk behaviors, self-harm, defiant or oppositional behaviors, sexual promiscuity, and drug or alcohol use. Due to many of the complex traumas that these girls have experienced, most if not all, have been diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, or Major Depression.

Girls who are pregnant are not excluded from admission to the program. The clinical and medical staff work closely with the family and referring agencies to provide appropriate care for the expectant mother, for placement of the baby following birth, and for ultimate reconciliation of mother and child following discharge from the program.

Who refers girls to The Ranch of Opportunity?

The girls are referred by their legal guardian, which may include their parents, Children’s Services agencies, or Juvenile Courts. Because of the unique nature of the Trauma Informed Care program, a National Best Practice model, we have worked with over 30 referral sources throughout the State of Ohio and beyond.

How is the Ranch of Opportunity funded?

Funding for the program is received from several sources. The county of residence is responsible for paying the room and board portion of the program; educational funding is provided by the girl’s home school district; and Medicaid reimbursement covers the medical and clinical services that are provided. We also seek and receive individual and corporate donations to support and enhance the comprehensive programs we provide.

We are located in Fayette County